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Our Sweetwater County Story starts in 2004, when my wife, Lindsay and our two daughters, Bailey and Gracie relocated to Rock Springs. We chose Sweetwater County because of the strong Wyoming economy and business opportunities, the wonderful people, as well all the freedoms and outdoor recreation Wyoming has to offer.  Living here also allowed us the opportunity to raise our children close to family, and develop life long friendships along the way. 


I started out my professional career at New York Life Insurance Company as an agent and Registered Representative providing clients financial planning and guidance. My entrepreneurial spirit, pushed me to venture out and start my own insurance brokerage. After several years of operating my insurance brokerage, I had the incredible opportunity to join my family’s growing hospitality business with hotels based in Utah. I spent this time managing hotels, planning and overseeing complete hotel renovations, and re-branding, along with day to day operations and management of staff. During this time, I obtained my Certified Hospitality Administrator designation, the highest certification awarded to hospitality professionals.


When we moved to Sweetwater County in 2004, I became a regional inspector and trainer for the fastest growing hotel chain in the country, ABVI.  During that time my wife and I also owned a few small businesses doing work in the real estate market. 


In 2007 my wife and I along with our business partner in Florida, started Radiant Manufacturing right here in Rock Springs. We have been blessed to work with clients around the globe and have made displays for companies like Major League Soccer, NFL , NASA, Disney, Bath and Body Works, and Jennifer Lopez and many others. Our success at Radiant has allowed us the opportunity to reinvest in Sweetwater County.  We have been honored to print and donate to several organizations and individuals.


In 2016, Lindsay and I, along with our partners, Nathan and Traci Hager, invested in SW County and built Wash and Glow Car Wash. From the start of this venture, our vision and motivation was to offer the best services to our friends and family in Sweetwater County. Soon after, we purchased a large commercial property in Sweetwater County and relocated our primary businesses. In 2019, with the success of Wash and Glow, we purchased The Autospa Car Wash. We immediately began making upgrades and added the new Doggie Spa with the same goals in mind. Both Wash and Glow and Autospa are located in Rock Springs. With our continued commitment to doing business in Wyoming, in 2019 we built another Wash and Glow Car Wash in Casper and continue to look for opportunities for other future car washes in Wyoming. 


For over a decade I have owned, operated, and managed our companies with seven figure budgets and revenues. During the pandemic, many companies have failed. We have been fortunate and due to our conservative values, leadership, and principles, our companies are stable, and have reserves. With over twenty years of business ownership and experience, I have firsthand experience in managing personnel, budgets, and a track record of leadership.  


I chose to run for Sweetwater County Treasurer because of my belief that we must invest in our future by taking an active role. Our government is most effective when we play an active part. The employees in the SW County Treasurer’s office are experienced, hardworking, and dedicated. They are the backbone that keeps our county government functioning properly and should I be elected, their knowledge and skills will be the cornerstone dedicated sis full of an amazing staff Our government needs the same leadership and skill to help guide it into the future for the next generation. 


I am Mark Cowan, a life long Republican candidate for Sweetwater County Treasurer. I am  asking you by voting for Mark Cowan to invest in our county together.