"I am a lifelong conservative and I look forward to bringing our shared values to the Sweetwater County Treasurer's office. Our country has faced unbelievable changes in the last few years, including record inflation and staggering fuel prices. I believe it is time for conservative leaders to stand up and act. I hope you will join me, in this vital election, to pursue conservative principles in our elected offices."



Sweetwater County is one of the largest counties in the country. Every year vehicle owners are tasked with renewing these registrations, either by using the county's online registration portal or visiting the Treasurer's office to register their vehicles. 

I want to work with the Board of County Commissioners to set up registration machines in strategic locations, throughout the county, where residents can obtain their registration stickers without having to visit the office or perform the registration online or through the mail.


The last few years we have all seen incredible changes to our economy. We are paying more for fuel and almost everything we buy. Unfortunately, our local economy has not seen the growth that several parts of the country has seen. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we employ conservative fiscal principles to maintain our great county. 

As a fiscal conservative I own and operate several businesses in Sweetwater County using conservative principles. As the Treasurer, my approach would be to institute conservative fiscal principles and investment strategies. If you believe like I do, that tax increases and government bailouts are not the answer, than I hope you will join me and other fiscal conservatives as we work to instill these values into our public offices.